Last month we got the unpleasant surprise by Nouryon during meetings with the personnel informing that the STI does not contribute to the pension. During the negotiations the management of Nouryon did not talk about the intention to change the pension contribution. This means the original value of these benefits become 20% lower as compared to the RAB/EBITDA payments.

If the union members had known this in advance it is questionable if the voting would have been in favor of the 13th month.

Nevertheless CLA-negotiators at both side of the table should behave decently and refrain from raising matters which are not agreed upon.

Nouryon seems to turn matters around by stating that the unions did not put forward the pension contribution. This of course turns things completely upside down. If a choice has to be made between various benefit arrangements all elements should be included by the party  proposing. Nouryon failed to do so.

In the meanwhile the joint unions have sent a letter that we don’t agree with how things are going and consider if needed to start legal actions.


Chris van Loon,
Belangenbehartiger VMHP