Recent weeks various intended reorganizations were announced at both AkzoNobel as at Nouryon. The Unions are informed about this. The requests for advice are with the (central) works councils.

It’s conspicuous that after advice by the works council already before the decision is taken individual employees are formally informed about their position in this process. Legally this is at the edge, because the company starts execution of a decision still to be taken.

As VMHP it worries us since people tend to look for a “safe escape” within the organization before it is clear what happens with their present position. If afterwards the new function doesn’t match as well as it appeared during the application making use of the Social Plan cannot be claimed anymore in this way.

We advise all members in this position to contact us in advance and make use of our legal advice. This can avoid unpleasant surprises.


Chris van Loon
Belangenbehartiger VMHP