Chairman’s preface

2020 promises to be a very interesting year. The two-and-a half year CLA’s for Nouryon and for AkzoNobel expire the end of this year, while the CLA of mid 2018 for Nouryon is still not yet formally signed. Just this week I saw the draft text coming along. It is [...]

19 februari 2020|Nieuwsbrief|

Voorwoord voorzitter

Het jaar 2020 belooft een zeer interessant jaar te worden. De twee-en-een half jarige CAO’s voor Nouryon en AkzoNobel lopen aan het eind van dit jaar af. En dat terwijl de CAO van medio 2018 voor Nouryon nog steeds niet officieel getekend is. Pas deze week heb ik de [...]

19 februari 2020|Nieuwsbrief|

Reorganizations announced at AkzoNobel and Nouryon: Don’t transfer too fast to another department.

Recent weeks various intended reorganizations were announced at both AkzoNobel as at Nouryon. The Unions are informed about this. The requests for advice are with the (central) works councils. It’s conspicuous that after advice by the works council already before the decision is taken individual employees are formally informed about [...]

12 juni 2019|Nieuwsbrief|

Board visits Sassenheim

May 21 the board of VMHP visited the Pains & Coatings site Sassenheim. The main reason was to meet the members and discuss actual subjects, developments and points of concern. Preceding this meeting it wa s requested to present points of concern to the board. This was a useful and [...]

12 juni 2019|Nieuwsbrief|