Last week AkzoNobel has informed UWV about a Collective Discharge. Such announcement is required when it is the intention to discharge 20 or more employees for business economic reasons within one region of UWV.
It is clear that this reorganization concerns mainly employees of the new Paints and Coatings company.

The announcement is not surprising. At former occasions AkzoNobel has announced, that operation Horizon would result in a number of terminated functions. This now becomes true. CLA-personnel including MM5/6 can derive their rights from the Social Plan. Employees with an executive contract will get in due time an individual offer.

The announcement is made provided the advice of the Labor Council concerned. Consultation of the unions about this specific announcement has still to take place.

Members getting the announcement that they become redundant are advised to contact us, so we can provide them adequate legal support.

Chris van Loon