The paid contribution to the VMHP Chemicals and Coatings association can be fiscally written-off, i.e. the amount can be deducted from your taxable income. To be eligible for this tax break, you must hand in your application by the end of November of the year you wish to apply to Human Resources/Personnel Management or by using the vakbondsformulier (trade union form).
Article 2, part 2 of this Regulation states that you must enclose a bank statement with your application reflecting the payment of the contribution for that year.

You will not receive a confirmation of payment of the contribution from the VMHP Chemicals and Coatings association (subject to exceptions).

The contribution for the VMHP Chemicals and Coatings association for 2019 has been set by the Members’ Council. View the rates below.
The new IBAN bank account number has been in effect since 2015. Also, collection of the contribution now takes place through direct debit. In addition to your personal details, the application form will also ask how you would like to arrange the direct debit payments (e.g. annual or monthly payments). You will also be asked to authorise the UOV (Unie van onafhankelijke vakorganisaties, Federation of Independent Trade Unions) to arrange for the payment of the direct debit payments.

The contribution amounts for 2019 for the VMHP AkzoNobel association have been established by the Members’ Council and are as follows:

Category Annual amount Quarterly amount Monthly amount
Active members € 188,40 € 47,10 € 15,70
Senior (retired) members €   67,20 € 16,80 €   5,60
Junior members (< 30 years old) € 125,40 €31,35 € 10,45

Up to the end of 2014, accept giro forms had always been used to make the contribution payments, but as of 2015 the option became available of paying the contribution through direct debit. Payments can be made annually, quarterly or monthly.

As for now existing members can on a yearly basis continue to pay their dues by preprinted giro credit slip. Probably in two years this way of payment is terminated and transition is made to automatic collection.

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