My name is Jan Admiraal. In May I will be 63 years and I live with my wife in Duiven. Meanwhile our two children left home and live by themselves.

I’m more than 30 years active as caretaker/advisor labor relations; starting 2000 at the trade union De Unie and earlier at the VHP. Also after the takeover in 2000 by De Unie I kept working for company-VHP’s. From 2000 till 2010 I was working for a major part for VHP AkzoNobel.

Starting April 1 “I return” to VMHP Chemicals and Coatings. I’ve seen already that there isn’t anything that hasn’t changed since I left VHP AkzoNobel. Changes are going in a raging speed.

At VMHP C&C I will take care of the interests of the members. I help and advice members about everything concerning their work and income. If I cannot resolve something the member (and I) can call upon our experts in the area of income, pension, function assessment, social insurances and disability. I hope it won’t be necessary, but if you have a serious conflict with your management you can call upon our labor jurists.

Next to this I will be committed at all collective affairs and deliberations about the pension arrangement and CLA. When a reorganization is at hand I will make agreements to alleviate the (social) consequences.

At last I like to inform that next to my activities for VMHP C&C I already some years take care of the interests of the members of De Unie at Teijin Aramid, PGGM, Abbott, HEMA (higher personnel) and at 3 branches of industry: Dental Mechanics, Synthetic Materials & Rubber and Architects.

Of course I hope to speak or meet many of you after the corona-crisis.