Last week the members of VMHP AkzoNobel could vote for the principle agreement of a 1-year CLA with AkzoNobel. The Members Council approved the agreement earlier. 90% of the member votes approved the agreement.

Nevertheless members were concerned a lot about the future. Some of them felt sad that there were so few pro-active agreements concerning the coming alienation/independence of Chemicals.  The negotiators are aware of those concerns and will take them into account when the agenda for further deliberation is put together. In this process VMHP emphasizes the future position of pension fund APF and the pension arrangements. Further it is important to get sufficient safeguards to keep up the level of labor conditions after alienation/independence, in particular of course the CLA-clauses and the Social Plan.


The insurance of the 3rd WW-year is one of the proposals to be realized soon. As known the government has reduced the duration of WW to 2 years. This reduction will be realized during the next year. For an employee working more than 24 years this is a disadvantage. Not getting another job within 2 years he/she ends up in social security. At a central level the social partners have come up with an insurance, covering this damage. The premium fort his insurance is paid by the participating employees and amounts for 2018 to 0.2% of the SV-income. Considering the insecure situation for many AkzoNobel employees all unions have agreed, that AkzoNobel should participate. In order to have the insurance effective starting April 1, 2018 AkzoNobel has to act before December 15.

Curiously AkzoNobel does not want to commit by posing they like to know how the non-union-members think about this. For us unions this is unacceptable. However it may be, non-union-members are also not asked if they like to profit for free of the salary, that we agree upon with AkzoNobel.