In a meeting March 8 the Members Council has agreed to change our statutes. The most important change concerns the relationship between membership and employment by AkzoNobel. According to the old statutes the separation of Chemicals would end the membership of a majority of our members and only one member would remain in our Members Council. In the new statutes this relationship is removed, so VMHP can continue to serve members of both companies.

Supporting this change also the name of our union is adapted. The new name becomes VMHP Chemie en Coatings. Admission of companies to our union requires approval of the Members Council. In the meeting of March 8 The Members Council has approved the continuation of membership of members both from Paints and Coatings (AkzoNobel) as from Chemicals.

The Members Council also agreed to change the Bylaws accordingly.

After the act has passed the notary these documents will also be replaced on our website.