Anticipating the actual sale of Chemicals VMHP AkzoNobel has adapted to the new situation. The union is statutory renamed to VMHP Chemie en Coatings. In this way all members which are (have been) employed by Paints & Coatings and by Chemicals keep their membership. Previously the membership of the union was directly related to being employed by AkzoNobel or being post active.

By adapting the statutes the union has secured that VMHP Chemie en Coatings stays the legal contract partner for agreements about labor conditions, like CLA, Social plans end pension. Next to these issues of common interest the VMHP Chemie en Coatings continues to take care of the interest of all members at individual level.

During these turbulent times it is essential to take care of your interests as well as possible.

By these statutory changes and the following organizational changes the VMHP Chemie en Coatings safeguards the continuity of taking care of your interests.

VMHP Chemie en Coatings is an independent union, determining her own course, not bound by any national agenda. All members can put forward their topics and opinions and so take part in determining the policy. That policy can be specifically tuned for the company, where they are employed.

Post-active, retired, can raise their issues via their member in the council.

This also means, that the union is depending on active members, willing to take part in the various union activities. We like to hear if you are interested in carrying out an active role. Get into contact with one of the members of the board or members council for more information.

VMHP Chemie en Coatings is affiliated with the umbrella organization Unie van Onafhankelijke Vakorganisaties (UOV), which in turn is affiliated with Vakcentrale voor Professionals (VCP).

VCP has recently acquired a second seat in the Sociaal Economisch Raad. This affiliation enables our union to have the opinion of our members heard at the level of the Sociaal Economische Raad.

Our union also has the right to nominate a candidate for the board of the “Stichting Pensioenfonds APF”. This is again actual next year.

Next to the changes in the statutes the changes in the organization have to be further implemented. In the near future the website domain and content, the logo, the email address etc. will be adapted.

Further the board is considering the arrangement of groups for the Members Council and the representation in the various committees as a consequence of the sale of Chemicals.

I expect to have you informed sufficiently for this moment. Of course feel free to contact the board for remarks or questions.


Loek van Driel